3MT Contest

Finalists are invited to give their 3MT presentation at EUSIPCO 2019. The three minutes duration of the presentation will be strictly controlled.

Among the ten finalists, the top-three finalists will be selected by the EUSIPCO 2019 audience based on their live 3-minute presentation. The winner will be announced during the conference banquet and awarded with a Grand prize of 1000€. The runners-up will receive an award certificate.

The video of the winner will be posted online on the EURASIP website.

3MT Venue

Date: Tuesday, September 3rd
Time: 18:00
Location: Auditorio Gaviota, PALEXCO, A Coruña

3MT finalists

  Surname Name Title Affiliation
1 Atiq Mahin Contributions to Interference Dynamics in Wireless Networks University of Klagenfurt, Austria
2 Bolton Thomas Quantifying functional brain interactions across spatial scales with Sparse Coupled Hidden Markov Models EPFL, Switzerland
3 Mallat Khawla Spectrum conversion from thermal to visible images:Imaging security applications EURECOM, France
4 Pérez Vieites Sara Probabilistic methods to jointly estimate parameters and dynamical state variables in complex high-dimensional systems Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
5 Pérez Zarazaga Pablo Is Your Phone Listening to You?- Privacy in Speech User Interfaces Aalto University, Finland
6 Ran Peipei Diagnostic within a micro-structure using a micro-wave and analysis by convolutional neural network CNRS-Centrale Supelec-Université Paris-Sud, France
7 Seifert Ann-Kathrin Signal Processing for Radar-based Medical Gait Analysis Universität Darmstadt, Germany
8 Tachella Julian 3D Reconstruction from Single-Photon Data Heriot-Watt University, UK
9 Tato Anxo Link adaptation techniques for future terrestrial and satellite communications University of Vigo, Spain
10 Zöller Daniela Dynamic organization of human brain function and itsrelevance for psychosis vulnerability EPFL & University of Geneva, Switzerland