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2019 27th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO)

Student Paper Competition

FrML1: ASMSP LVI - Acoustic Source Localization

FrML2: SPMuS LVI - Signal Processing Over Graphs

FrML3: VIP LVI - Video Coding

FrML4: TMTSP LVII - Adaptive Algorithms

FrMP1: TMTSP PV-Statistical signal processing

FrMP2: SS7-Signal processing methods for 4D arrays

ThAL1: SS8-Acoustic Scene Analysis and Signal Enhancement Based on Advanced Signal Processing and Machine Learning

ThAL2: SPMuS LIV - Robust Array Processing

ThAL3: BISA LV - Neural Networks in Biomedicine

ThAL4: SiG-DML LV - Machine Learning for Robotics

ThAL5: TMTSP LV - Sparse Dictionary Learning

ThAP1: ASMSP PIII - Acoustic Signal Processing;

ThAP2: VIP PIV - Image Processing

ThAP3: SPCN PII - Channel State Estimation

ThEL1: VIP LV - Image Feature Extraction

ThEL2: ASMSP LV - Model Based Audio Signal Processing

ThEL3: SPMuS LV - Signal and Image Processing Applications

ThEL4: SPCN LIV - Internet of Things

ThEL5: TMTSP LVI - Time-Frequency Methods

ThEP1: SiG-DML PIII -Applications of Machine Learning;

ThEP2: BISA PIV - EEG Analysis

ThEP3: BISA PIII - ECG & Cardio

ThML1: SS9-Tensor-Based Signal Processing II

ThML2: SPMuS LIII - Radar and Sonar Detection

ThML3: BISA LIV - Biomedical Image Processing

ThML4: SiG-DML LIV - Neural Networks

ThML5: VIP LIV - Video Segmentation and Feature Extraction

ThMP1: TMTSP PIII-Signal processing theory and methods

ThMP2: TMTSP PIV - Signal Processing and Theory Methods

ThMP3: SPCN PI - Signal Processing for Communications

TuAL1: SS4-Advances on tensor and multi-dimensional data representation

TuAL2: SS2-Music Information Processing

TuAL3: BISA LII - Signal Processing for MRI Signaling

TuAL4: SiG-DML LI - Deep Learning Applications

TuAL5: VIP LI - Image Enhancement

TuAP1: TMTSP PI - Compressed Sensing and Sparse Modeling

TuAP2: TMTSP PII - Optimization methods

TuAP3: SPMuS PI - Radar

TuEL1: SS10-Signal processing for secure and reliable localization using terrestrial networks

TuEL2: ASMSP LII - Speaker and Speech Recognition

TuEL3: DIS LI - Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Methods

TuEL4: VIP LII - Multimedia Content Analysis

TuEL5: TMTSP LII - Detection Methods

TuEP1: OSPA PI - Other Signal Processing Areas

TuEP2: BISA PI -Biomedical signal and image processing

TuEP3: BISA PII -Bio-inspired signal and image processing

TuML1: SS3-System-Level Analysis and Optimization in Large-Scale Wireless Networks

TuML2: ASMSP LI - Audio and Speech Source Separation

TuML3: BISA LI - ECG Processing

TuML4: SPCN LI - Massive MIMO Systems

TuML5: TMTSP LI - Bayesian Techniques

TuMP1: VIP PI - Multimedia and 3D Processing

TuMP2: VIP PII - Computational and Spectral Imaging

TuMP3: SiG-DML PI - Pattern Recognition

WeAL1: SS5-Machine Audition: recent advances and applications

WeAL2: SPMuS LI - DoA Estimation

WeAL3: BForSec -Passive forensic analysis

WeAL4: SiG-DML LIII - Classification

WeAL5: VIP LIII - Image/Video Filtering

WeAP1: ASMSP PI - Speech and Voice

WeAP2: ASMSP PII - Reverberation Reduction and Signal Enhancement

WeAP3: SS6-Evaluation of Vehicular Wireless Communications and their Applications based on Experimental Data

WeEL1: SS9-Tensor-Based Signal Processing I

WeEL2: ASMSP LIV - Noise and Echo Reduction

WeEL3: SPMuS LII - Sampling and Filtering over Graphs

WeEL4: SPCN LIII - Multi-user Communication Systems

WeEL5: TMTSP LIV - Signal Modeling and Estimation

WeEP1: SiG-DML PII - Learning theory

WeEP2: DIS PI - DSP implementation and Optimisation

WeEP3: SS1-Advanced Signal Processing for Resource-Efficient 5G Satellite-Terrestrial Networks

WeML1: SPCN LII - Low-Complexity Tranceiver Techniques

WeML2: ASMSP LIII - Artificial Neural Networks in Audio Signal Processing

WeML3: BISA LIII - Deep Learning for Biomedical Applications

WeML4: SiG-DML LII - Signal processing for big data.

WeML5: TMTSP LIII - Parameter Estimation

WeMP1: VIP PIII - Signal processing for computer vision

WeMP2: SPMuS PII - Signal Processing for Sensor Arrays and Networks

WeMP3: SPMuS PIII - Multichannel and Graph Signal Processing