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Papers by Title

Papers by Title

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2top 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

2-D Non-Separable Integer Implementation of Paraunitary Filter Bank Based on the Quaternionic Multiplier Block-Lifting Structure

2D Fourier Transform Based Analysis Comparing the DFA with the DMA

Atop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

A Biologically Constrained Encoding Solution for Long-Term Storage of Images onto Synthetic DNA

A Biologically Constrained Encoding Solution for Long-Term Storage of Images onto Synthetic DNA

A Blind Reconstruction Algorithm for Level-Crossing Analog-to-Digital Conversion

A Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Detecting Right Whales from Autonomous Surface Vehicles

A Complete Framework of Radar Pulse Detection and Modulation Classification for Cognitive EW

A Composite Discriminator for Generative Adversarial Network Based Video Super-Resolution

A Continuum Model for Route Optimization in Large-Scale Inhomogeneous Multi-Hop Wireless Networks

A Data Augmentation Approach for Sampling Gaussian Models in High Dimension

A Dyadic Particle Filter for Price Prediction

A Fast Local Mode Decision for the HEVC Intra Prediction Based on Direction Detection

A Graph Signal Processing Approach to Direction of Arrival Estimation

A Graph Signal Processing Framework for Atrial Activity Extraction

A Highly Reliable Wrist-Worn Acceleration-Based Fall Detector

A Least Squares Narrowband DOA Estimator with Robustness Against Phase Wrapping

A Localized No-Reference Blurriness Measure for Omnidirectional Images and Video

A Low Complexity Image Compression Algorithm for IoT Multimedia Applications

A Low-Computation-Cycle Design of Input-Decimation Technique for RIDFT Algorithm

A Machine Learning Approach to the Identification of Dynamical Nonlinear Systems

A Modelling Approach to Generate Representative UAV Trajectories Using PSO

A Multiple-UAV Software Architecture for Autonomous Media Production

A Multitarget Tracking Method for Estimating Carotid Artery Wall Motion from Ultrasound Sequences

A New Algorithm for Dictionary Learning Based on Convex Approximation

A New Metric to Evaluate Auditory Attention Detection Performance Based on a Markov Chain

A New Signal-Selective Wide-Band Ambiguity Function

A New Weighted NMF Algorithm for Missing Data Interpolation and Its Application to Speech Enhancement

A Non-iterative Reconstruction Algorithm for Single Pixel Spectral Imaging with Side Information

A Novel Compressive Sensing Scheme Under the Variational Bayesian Framework

A Novel Design Method for Digital FIR/IIR Filters Based on the Shuffle Frog-Leaping Algorithm

A Novel Particle Filter for High-Dimensional Systems Using Penalized Perturbations

A Novel Recurrent Neural Network Architecture for Classification of Atrial Fibrillation Using Single-lead ECG

A Novel Resynchronization Procedure for Hand-Lips Fusion Applied to Continuous French Cued Speech Recognition

A Parallel Optimization Approach on the Infinity Norm Minimization Problem

A Parallel Optimization Approach on the Infinity Norm Minimization Problem

A Parallel Sparse Regularization Method for Structured Multilinear Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition

A Privacy-Preserving Asynchronous Averaging Algorithm Based on Shamir's Secret Sharing

A Probabilistic Method to Find and Visualize Distinct Regions in Protein Sequences

A Quality of Recognition Case Study: Texture-based Segmentation and MRI Quality Assessment

A Robust and Sequential Approach for Detecting Gait Asymmetry Based on Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures

A Robust Group-Sparse Proportionate Affine Projection Algorithm with Maximum Correntropy Criterion for Channel Estimation

A Robust Roll Angle Estimation Algorithm Based on Gradient Descent

A Self-Tuned Architecture for Human Activity Recognition Based on a Dynamical Recurrence Analysis of Wearable Sensor Data

A Simple Sparsity-aware Feature LMS Algorithm

A Single ECG Lead-Based Oscillation Index for the Quantification of Periodic Breathing in Severe Heart Failure Patients

A Sparse and Prior Based Method for 3D Image Denoising

A Speech Reconstruction Algorithm via Iteratively Reweighted ℓ2 Minimization for MFCC Codec

A Temporal Dependency Model for Rate-Distortion Optimization in Video Coding

A Unifying Framework for Blind Source Separation Based on A Joint Diagonalizability Constraint

Acoustic Simulation in Dynamic Environments for Robot Audition

Acoustic Source Position Estimation Based on Multi-Feature Gaussian Processes

Active Acoustic Source Tracking Exploiting Particle Filtering and Monte Carlo Tree Search

Ad-hoc Mobile Array Based Audio Segmentation Using Latent Variable Stochastic Model

Adaptive Beamforming Based on Time Modulated Array with Harmonic Characteristic Analysis

Adaptive Localized Cayley Parametrization Technique for Smooth Optimization over the Stiefel Manifold

Adaptive Pre-whitening Based on Parametric NMF

Advancing Speech Recognition with No Speech or with Noisy Speech

Alcoholic EEG Analysis Using Riemann Geometry Based Framework

Algorithms for Piecewise Constant Signal Approximations

All-Powerful Learning Algorithm for the Priority Access in Cognitive Network

An Adaptive Sampling Technique for Graph Diffusion LMS Algorithm

An Adaptive Video Acquisition Scheme for Object Tracking

An Adversarial Super-Resolution Remedy for Radar Design Trade-offs

An Algebraic Framework for Digital Envelope Modulation

An EM Algorithm for Joint Dual-Speaker Separation and Dereverberation

An Ensemble Learning Approach for the Classification of Remote Sensing Scenes Based on Covariance Pooling of CNN Features

An Environment for Gestural Interaction with 3D Virtual Musical Instruments as an Educational Tool

An Improved Feature Extraction Method for Texture Classification with Increased Noise Robustness

An NMF-Based Approach for Hyperspectral Unmixing Using a New Multiplicative-tuning Linear Mixing Model to Address Spectral Variability

An Unmixing-Based Change Detection Approach for Multiresolution Remote Sensing Images

Analysing Deep Learning-Spectral Envelope Prediction Methods for Singing Synthesis

Analysis of Nematodes in Coffee Crops at Different Altitudes Using Aerial Images

Analysis of Parkinson's Disease Dysgraphia Based on Optimized Fractional Order Derivative Features

Analytical Method to Convert Circular Harmonic Expansion Coefficients for Sound Field Synthesis by Using Multipole Loudspeaker Array

Antenna Controller for Low-Latency and High Reliability Robotic Communications over Time-Varying Fading Channels

Applications of Projected Belief Networks (PBN)

Asymptotic Karlin-Rubin's Theorem with Application to Signal Detection in a Subspace Cone

Asymptotic Karlin-Rubin's Theorem with Application to Signal Detection in a Subspace Cone

Atomic Norms in Group Sliding Sparse Recovery

Audio-Based Epileptic Seizure Detection

Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement Using Hierarchical Extreme Learning Machine

Auto-calibration of Uniform Linear Array Antennas

Automated Forensic Ink Determination in Handwritten Documents by Clustering

Automatic Chord Estimation Based on a Frame-wise Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network with Non-Aligned Annotations

Automatic Flower Detection and Classification System Using a Light-Weight Convolutional Neural Network

Automatic Measurement of Speech Breathing Rate

Automatic Playlist Generation Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks

Btop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Bayesian Estimation of Recurrent Changepoints for Signal Segmentation and Anomaly Detection

Bayesian Model Selection for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Bayesian Robust Signal Subspace Estimation in Non-Gaussian Environment

Bayesian Sequential Joint Signal Detection and Signal-to-Noise Ratio Estimation

Bayesian Time-Domain Multiple Sound Source Localization for a Stochastic Machine

Beam-Steering in Switched 4D Arrays Based on the Discrete Walsh Transform

BEV Object Tracking for LIDAR-based Ground Truth Generation

Black-Box Decision Based Adversarial Attack with Symmetric Alpha-stable Distribution

Blind Calibration of Sensor Arrays for Narrowband Signals with Asymptotically Optimal Weighting

Block Sparsity-Based DOA Estimation with Sensor Gain and Phase Uncertainties

Breathing Rate Complexity Features for "In-the-Wild'' Stress and Anxiety Measurement

Ctop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Calibration of Antenna Array with Dual Channel Switched Receiver System

Cardiac Motion Estimation Using Convolutional Sparse Coding

Cauchy Multichannel Speech Enhancement with a Deep Speech Prior

Change Prediction for Low Complexity Combined Beamforming and Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Channel Hardening, Favorable Equalization and Propagation in Wideband Massive MIMO

Classification of Brainwaves Using Convolutional Neural Network

Clean Speech AE-DNN PSD Constraint for MCLP Based Reverberant Speech Enhancement

CNN-based Multichannel End-to-End Speech Recognition for Everyday Home Environments

CNN-based Virtual Microphone Signal Estimation for MPDR Beamforming in Underdetermined Situations

Coded Aperture Design for Super-Resolution Phase Retrieval

Collecting, Analyzing and Predicting Socially-Driven Image Interestingness

Combining Evidences from Variable Teager Energy Source and Mel Cepstral Features for Classification of Normal vs. Pathological Voices

Communications for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Fleets in Outdoor Cinematography Applications

Comparing Optimization Methods of Neural Networks for Real-time Inference

Comparing Optimization Methods of Neural Networks for Real-time Inference

Comparison of Parameter Estimation Methods for Single-Microphone Multi-Frame Wiener Filtering

Compensating for Object Variability in DNN-HMM Object-Centered Human Activity Recognition

Complexity Scalable HEVC-to-AV1 Transcoding Based on Coding Tree Depth Inheritance

Complexity-Reduced Suboptimal Equalization with Monte Carlo Based MIMO Detectors

Compressed Sensing for the Extraction of Atrial Fibrillation Patterns from Surface Electrocardiograms

Compression Efficiency and Computational Cost Comparison Between AV1 and HEVC Encoders

Compression of High-Dimensional Multispectral Image Time Series Using Tensor Decomposition Learning

Compressive Chirp Transform for Estimation of Chirp Parameters

Compressive Digital Receiver: First Results on Sensitivity, Dynamic Range and Instantaneous Bandwidth Measurements

Compressive Independent Component Analysis

Computational Acceleration and Smart Initialization of Full-rank Spatial Covariance Analysis

Computer Aid-System to Identify the First Stage of Prostate Cancer Through Deep-Learning Techniques

Concatenated Identical DNN (CI-DNN) to Reduce Noise-Type Dependence in DNN-Based Speech Enhancement

Connections Between Reassigned Spectrum and Least Squares Estimation for Sinusoidal Models

Context-Aware Neural Voice Activity Detection Using Auxiliary Networks for Phoneme Recognition, Speech Enhancement and Acoustic Scene Classification

Convex Combination of Spline Adaptive Filters

Convex Optimization Based Sparse Learning over Networks

Convolutional LSTM-based Long-Term Spectrum Prediction for Dynamic Spectrum Access

Cost-Aware Dual Prediction Scheme for Reducing Transmissions at IoT Sensor Nodes

Coverage Analysis for Backscatter Communication Empowered Cellular Internet-of-Things

Coverage Analysis of Relay Assisted V2I Communication in Microcellular Urban Networks

Cross-domain Knowledge Transfer Schemes for 3D Human Action Recognition

Curriculum-based Teacher Ensemble for Robust Neural Network Distillation

Dtop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Data Augmentation for Drum Transcription with Convolutional Neural Networks

Data Augmentation Using Generative Adversarial Network for Environmental Sound Classification

Data Preprocessing for ANN-based Industrial Time-Series Forecasting with Imbalanced Data

Decentralized Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning in Swarms of Drones for Flood Monitoring

Deep Complex Neural Network Learning for High-Voltage Insulation Fault Classification from Complex Bispectrum Representation

Deep Convolutional and LSTM Neural Network Architectures on Leap Motion Hand Tracking Data Sequences

Deep L1-PCA of Time-Variant Data with Application to Brain Connectivity Measurements

Deep Learning Based Localization of Near-Field Sources with Exact Spherical Wavefront Model

Deep Learning Models for Denoising ECG Signals

Deep Log-Likelihood Ratio Quantization

Deep Log-Likelihood Ratio Quantization

Deep Neural Network Based Poetic Meter Classification Using Musical Texture Feature Fusion

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Model-Free Navigation with Partial Observability

Deep Spatio-Temporal Modeling for Object-Level Gaze-Based Relevance Assessment

Deep Transfer Learning for Single-Channel Automatic Sleep Staging with Channel Mismatch

DEFACTO: Image and Face Manipulation Dataset

Defect Detection from Compressed 3-D Ultrasonic Frequency Measurements

Defining Graph Signal Distances Using an Optimal Mass Transport Framework

Demodulation Algorithm Based on Higher Order Synchrosqueezing

Dempster-Shafer Theory for Fusing Face Morphing Detectors

Derivation of Respiratory Effort from Photoplethysmography

Detecting Early Parkinson's Disease from Keystroke Dynamics Using the Tensor-Train Decomposition

Detecting Higher Order Genomic Variant Interactions with Spectral Analysis

Detecting Right Whales from Autonomous Surface Vehicles Using RNNs and CNNs

Detecting the Rank of a Symmetric Tensor

Detection, Enumeration and Localization of Underwater Acoustic Sources

Diffusion Maps Particle Filter

Direct Localization by Partly Calibrated Arrays: A Relaxed Maximum Likelihood Solution

Discrete-Valued Vector Reconstruction by Optimization with Sum of Sparse Regularizers

Discriminative Joint Vector and Component Reduction for Gaussian Mixture Models

Distributed Adaptive Node-Specific Signal Estimation in a Wireless Sensor Network with Partial Prior Knowledge of the Desired Source Steering Vector

Distributed Consensus-Based Extended Kalman Filtering: A Bayesian Perspective

Distributed Mission Execution for Aerial Cinematography with Multiple Drones

DNN Speaker Embeddings Using Autoencoder Pre-Training

Drone Infrared Video Coding Using Virtual View Generated from Iteratively Constructed Aerial Map and Historical Data

Dual Function FH MIMO Radar System with DPSK Signal Embedding

Dual-threshold Based Local Patch Construction Method for Manifold Approximation and Its Application to Facial Expression Analysis

Etop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Early SKIP Mode Decision Method in HEVC Based on Perceptual Distortion Measure

Edge and Cloud-aided Secure Sparse Representation for Face Recognition

Effectiveness of Cross-Domain Architectures for Whisper-to-Normal Speech Conversion

Efficiency of the Bio-Inspired Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neuron for Signal Coding

Efficiency of the Memory Polynomial Model in Realizing Digital Twins for Gait Assessment

Efficient Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling

Efficient Distributed Processing for Large Scale MIMO Detection

Efficient Feature Extraction for Person Re-Identification via Distillation

Efficient Full-Rank Spatial Covariance Estimation Using Independent Low-Rank Matrix Analysis for Blind Source Separation

Efficient Phase-Based Acoustic Tracking of Drones Using a Microphone Array

Electromagnetic Imaging of a Dielectric Micro-Structure via Convolutional Neural Networks

End-to-end Audio Classification with Small Datasets - Making It Work

End-to-End Language Identification Using a Residual Convolutional Neural Network with Attentive Temporal Pooling

Energy Separation Algorithm Based Spectrum Estimation for Very Short Duration of Speech

Energy-Efficient Improper Signaling for K-User Interference Channels

Enhanced Diffusion Learning over Networks

Environment Capture and Simulation for UAV Cinematography Planning and Training

ESPRIT Angles-of-Arrival Estimation with Missing Sensor Data

Estimating & Mitigating the Impact of Acoustic Environments on Machine-to-Machine Signalling

Estimation of a Low-Rank Probability-Tensor from Sample Sub-Tensors via Joint Factorization Minimizing the Kullback-Leibler Divergence

Estimation of Measurement-Noise Variance for Variable-Step-Size NLMS Filters

Estimation of Sensor Array Signal Model Parameters Using Factor Analysis

Evaluation of Analog Encoding for Multi-User Wireless Transmission of Still Images

Evaluation of Modifications to CPPPSNR in 360ᵒ Video Quality Assessment

Exact Multiplicative Factor Updates for Convolutional Beta-NMF in 2D

ExcitNet Vocoder: A Neural Excitation Model for Parametric Speech Synthesis Systems

ExPACO: Detection of an Extended Pattern Under Nonstationary Correlated Noise by Patch Covariance Modeling

Experimental Evaluation of the Reconfigurable Photodetector for Blind Interference Alignment in Visible Light Communications

Extending Architecture Modeling for Signal Processing Towards GPUs

Extracting Proprioceptive Information by Analyzing Rotating Range Sensors Induced Distortion

Ftop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Face-aware Saliency Estimation Model for 360° Images

Fast Alignment of Limited Angle Tomograms by Projected Cross Correlation

Fast Alignment of Limited Angle Tomograms by Projected Cross Correlation

Fast and Lightweight Person Detector for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Fast Basis Function Estimators for Identification of Nonstationary Stochastic Processes

Fast CU Size Decisions for HEVC Inter-Prediction Using Support Vector Machines

Fast Direct Detection of Accelerating Radar Targets

Fast Multichannel Source Separation Based on Jointly Diagonalizable Spatial Covariance Matrices

Fast Surface Detection in Single-Photon Lidar Waveforms

FDA-MIMO Signal Processing for Mainlobe Jammer Suppression

Feasibility of LTE for Train Control in Subway Environments Based on Experimental Data

Feature LMS Algorithm for Bandpass System Models

Filtering-based Analysis Comparing the DFA with the CDFA for Wide Sense Stationary Processes

Finding Common Image Semantics for Urban Perceived Safety Based on Pairwise Comparisons

Fingerspelled Alphabet Sign Recognition in Upper-Body Videos

FISTA: Achieving a Rate of Convergence Proportional to K^{-3} for Small / Medium Values of k

fMRI BOLD Signal Decomposition Using a Multivariate Low-Rank Model

Forward Looking GPR-Based Landmine Detection Using a Robust Likelihood Ratio Test

FPGA Implementation of a TVWS Up- And Downconverter Using Non-Power-of-Two FFT Modulated Filter Banks

Fractional Programming for Energy Efficient Power Control in Uplink Massive MIMO Systems

Free Registration Based Shape Prior for Active Contours

Frequency Diverse Array Focusing Beampattern Synthesis with Constrained Nonlinear Programming Frequency Offsets

Front-End Feature Compensation for Noise Robust Speech Emotion Recognition

Full Covariance Fitting DoA Estimation Using Partial Relaxation Framework

Fully Adaptive Savitzky-Golay Type Smoothers

Fully Proximal Splitting Algorithms in Image Recovery

Gtop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Gated Graph Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks

Gated Graph Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks

Gauss-Hermite Quadrature for non-Gaussian Inference via an Importance Sampling Interpretation

Gaze Tracking by Joint Head and Eye Pose Estimation Under Free Head Movement

Gearbox Fault Diagnosis Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines

Generalized Gamma Distribution SAR Sea Clutter Modelling for Oil Spill Candidates Detection

Generalized Multichannel Variational Autoencoder for Underdetermined Source Separation

Generalizing Graph Convolutional Neural Networks with Edge-Variant Recursions on Graphs

GestureKeeper: Gesture Recognition for Controlling Devices in IoT Environments

Gimbal Control for Vision-based Target Tracking

Globally Optimal TIN Strategies with Time-Sharing in the MISO Interference Channel

GNSS-based Localization for Autonomous Vehicles: Prospects and Challenges

GPR Antenna Localization Based on A-Scans

Graph Filter Design Using Sum-of-squares Representation

Graph Spectral Domain Features for Static Hand Gesture Recognition

Graphical Schemes Designed to Display and Study the Long-Term Variations of Schumann Resonance

Htop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Hardware Acceleration of Approximate Transform Module for the Versatile Video Coding

Harmonic Networks with Limited Training Samples

Heart Disease Detection Architecture for Lead I Off-the-Person ECG Monitoring Devices

Heterogeneous Network Localization with a Distributed Phased Array Composed of Cooperative Vehicles

HMM-based Convolutional LSTM for Visual Scanpath Prediction

How to Apply Random Projections to Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Missing Entries?

Hue Modification Localization by Pair Matching

HVS Based Perceptual Pre-Processing for Video Coding

Hybrid FSO/RF-FSO Systems over Generalized Málaga Distributed Channels with Pointing Errors

Hybrid Octree-Plane Point Cloud Geometry Coding

Hyper-parameter Selection on Convolutional Dictionary Learning Through Local \ell_{0,\infty} Norm

Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion Based on a Non-locally Centralized Sparse Model and Adaptive Spatial-Spectral Dictionaries

Hyperspectral Complex Domain Denoising

Hyperspectral X-ray Denoising: Model-Based and Data-Driven Solutions

Itop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Identification of Alzheimer's Disease Using Non-linguistic Audio Descriptors

Identification of Vector Autoregressive Models with Granger and Stability Constraints

Identify of Spatial Similarity of Electroencephalography (EEG) During Working-Memory Maintenance

Identifying Stable Components of Matrix/Tensor Factorizations via Low-Rank Approximation of Inter-Factorization Similarity

IEST: Interpolation-Enhanced Shearlet Transform for Light Field Reconstruction Using Adaptive Separable Convolution

Image and Ontological Information Fusion for Cataract Surgery Recommendation

Imaging Experiment of Multi-Pinhole Based X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography Using Rat Head Phantoms

Impact Sounds Classification for Interactive Applications via Discriminative Dictionary Learning

Improved Lossless Image Compression Using Adaptive Image Rotation

Improved Regularized Reconstruction for Simultaneous Multi-Slice Cardiac MRI T1 Mapping

Improved Waveforms for Time-Efficient Radar Range Measurement Disambiguation

Improving Energy Disaggregation Performance Using Appliance-Driven Sampling Rates

Improving FISTA's Speed of Convergence via a Novel Inertial Sequence

Improving Singing Voice Separation Using Deep U-Net and Wave-U-Net with Data Augmentation

Improving the Performance of Lightweight CNN Models Using Minimum Enclosing Ball Regularization

Indoor Sound Source Localization Based on Sparse Bayesian Learning and Compressed Data

Infinite Impulse Response Echo Canceller in STFT Domain for Reverberant Environments

Inhomogeneously Stacked RNN for Recognizing Hand Gestures from Magnetometer Data

Integration of High Speed Train Channel Measurements in System Level Simulations

Intersymbol and Intercarrier Interference in OFDM Transmissions Through Highly Dispersive Channels

Introducing SPAIN (SParse Audio INpainter)

Investigating Time-Varying Brain Connectivity with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Sequential Monte Carlo

Investigation of Reverse Mode Loudspeaker Performance in Urban Sound Classification

Iterative Wiener Filtering for Deconvolution with Ringing Artifact Suppression

iTM-Net: Deep Inverse Tone Mapping Using Novel Loss Function Based on Tone Mapping Operator

Jtop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Jammer Detection in M-QAM-OFDM by Learning a Dynamic Bayesian Model for the Cognitive Radio

Joint Low-Rank Factorizations with Shared and Unshared Components: Identifiability and Algorithms

Joint Singing Voice Separation and F0 Estimation with Deep U-Net Architectures

Joint Unmixing-Deconvolution Algorithms for Hyperspectral Images

Joint User Grouping and Power Allocation for MISO Systems: Learning to Schedule

Ktop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Kernel Based Online Change Point Detection

Key Ingredients of Self-Driving Cars

Ltop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

L0-Norm Adaptive Volterra Filters

L0Soft: L0 Minimization via Soft Thresholding

Labeler-hot Detection of EEG Epileptic Transients

Laplace Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Application to Semi-supervised Audio Denoising

Large-scale Canonical Polyadic Decomposition via Regular Tensor Sampling

Large-scale Pollen Recognition with Deep Learning

Leakage Detection in District Heating Systems Using UAV IR Images: Comparing Convolutional Neural Network and ML Classifiers

Learning Causal Networks Topology from Streaming Graph Signals

Learning Methods for RSSI-based Geolocation: A Comparative Study

Learning of Image Dehazing Models for Segmentation Tasks

Learning Tensor-structured Dictionaries with Application to Hyperspectral Image Denoising

Linear Approximation of Deep Neural Networks for Efficient Inference on Video Data

Lip-Reading with Limited-Data Network

Loss Functions for Denoising Compressed Images: a Comparative Study

Lossless Image Coding Exploiting Local and Non-local Information via Probability Model Optimization

Low Complexity Robust Adaptive Beamformer Based on Parallel RLMS and Kalman RLMS

Low-Complexity 2-Coordinates Descent for Near-Optimal MMSE Soft-Output Massive MIMO Uplink Data Detection

Low-Complexity Hybrid Transceivers for Uplink Multiuser mmWave MIMO by User Clustering

Low-Complexity Optimization for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation via Approximate Message Passing

Low-Complexity Switching Network Design for Hybrid Precoding in mmWave MIMO Systems

Low-Rank Approximation via the Generalized Reweighted Iterative Nuclear Norm

Low-rank Data Matrix Recovery with Missing Values and Faulty Sensors

Löwner-Based Tensor Decomposition for Blind Source Separation in Atrial Fibrillation ECGs

LTE Ranging Measurement Using Uplink Opportunistic Signals and the SAGE Algorithm

LTE-based Wireless Channel Modeling on High-Speed Railway at 465MHz

Mtop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Malware Identification with Dictionary Learning

Matrix Cofactorization for Joint Unmixing and Classification of Hyperspectral Images

Maximum Likelihood Convolutional Beamformer for Simultaneous Denoising and Dereverberation

Maximum-likelihood Detection of Impulsive Noise Support for Channel Parameter Estimation

Maximum-likelihood DOA Estimation at Low SNR in Laplace-like Noise

Measure-Transformed Gaussian Quasi Score Test in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters

Measurement-based Wideband Radio Channel Characterization in an Underground Parking Lot

Memory-Optimized Voronoi Cell-Based Parallel Kernels for the Shortest Vector Problem on Lattices

MIMO Receiver with Reduced Number of RF Chains Based on 4D Array and Software Defined Radio

Model-based Optimization of a Low-dimensional Modulation Filter Bank for DRR and T60 Estimation

Modelling Mismatch and Noise Statistics Uncertainty in Linear MMSE Estimation

Modified U-Net for Automatic Brain Tumor Regions Segmentation

Monaural Source Separation Based on Sequentially Trained LSTMs in Real Room Environments

Monaural Speech Separation with Deep Learning Using Phase Modelling and Capsule Networks

Multi-Exponential Relaxation Times Maps Reconstruction and Unsupervised Classification in Magnitude Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Multi-Microphone Speaker Separation Based on Deep DOA Estimation

Multi-point Connectivity for Reliable mmWave

Multi-resolution Reconstruction Algorithm for Phase Retrieval in X-ray Crystallography

Multi-scale Aggregation of Phase Information for Complexity Reduction of CNN Based DOA Estimation

Multimodal Image Super-resolution via Deep Unfolding with Side Information

Multiple K-Means Clustering Based Locally Low-Rank Approach to Nonlinear Matrix Completion

Multiple-Degradation Video Super-Resolution with Direct Inversion of the Low-Resolution Formation Model

Multiscale Permutation Entropy: Statistical Characterization on Autoregressive and Moving Average Processes

MWF-based Speech Dereverberation with a Local Microphone Array and an External Microphone

Ntop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

NAViDAd: A No-Reference Audio-Visual Quality Metric Based on a Deep Autoencoder

Neural Network Aided Computation of Generalized Spatial Modulation Capacity

Neuro-inspired Compression of RGB Images

New Algorithms on Complex Joint Eigenvalue Decomposition Based on Generalized Givens Rotations

NLOS Classification Based on RSS and Ranging Statistics Obtained from Low-Cost UWB Devices

NLS Algorithm for Kronecker-Structured Linear Systems with a CPD Constrained Solution

Node Activity Monitoring in Heterogeneous Networks Using Energy Sensors

Non-Centralized Navigation for Source Localization by Cooperative UAVs

Non-Destructive Prediction of Pork Meat Degradation Using a Stacked Autoencoder Classifier on Hyperspectral Images

Non-Intrusive POLQA Estimation of Speech Quality Using Recurrent Neural Networks

Non-local Restoration of Sparse 3D Single-Photon Data

Novel Sensing Mechanism for Full-Duplex Secondary Users in Cognitive Radio

Otop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

OFDM Spectral Precoding with Per-Subcarrier Distortion Constraints

Offline Noise Reduction Using Optimal Mass Transport Induced Covariance Interpolation

On Acoustic Modeling for Broadband Beamforming

On Adaptive Spectrum Estimation of Multivariate Autoregressive Locally Stationary Processes

On Detecting and Handling Target Occlusions in Correlation-filter-based 2D Tracking

On Interference Pikes in Poisson Networks

On Multivariate non-Gaussian Scale Invariance: Fractional Lévy Processes and Wavelet Estimation

On Realizing Distributed Deep Neural Networks: An Astrophysics Case Study

On Room Impulse Response Measurement Using Orthogonal Periodic Sequences

On Spectral Embeddings for Supervised Binaural Source Localization

On the Physical Layer Security of IoT Devices over Satellite

On the Recursions of Robust COMET Algorithm for Convexly Structured Shape Matrix

On the Recursions of Robust COMET Algorithm for Convexly Structured Shape Matrix

On the Relation Between DOA-Vector Eigenbeam ESPRIT and Subspace Pseudointensity-Vector

On the Relation Between DOA-Vector Eigenbeam ESPRIT and Subspace Pseudointensity-Vector

On the Segmentation of Plantar Foot Thermal Images with Deep Learning

ON-IN: An On-Node and In-Node Based Mechanism for Big Data Collection in Large-Scale Sensor Networks

One-Class Feature Learning Using Intra-Class Splitting

Online Dictionary Learning for Single-Subject fMRI Data Unmixing

Online Multiscale-Data Classification Based on Multikernel Adaptive Filtering with Application to Sentiment Analysis

Open-Set Recognition Using Intra-Class Splitting

Optimization of Signal Processing Chains: Application to Cascaded Filters

Optimization of the Radio Access to Provide Vehicular Communications Based on Drive Tests

Optimization-based Synthesis of Time-Modulated Arrays with Accurate Time-Frequency Analysis

Optimized Reference Picture Selection for Light Field Image Coding

Optimized Reference Picture Selection for Light Field Image Coding

Optimum Trajectory Planning for Robotic Data Ferries in Delay Tolerant Wireless Sensor Networks

Outlier Detection from Non-Smooth Sensor Data

Ptop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Parameter Estimation of Heavy-Tailed AR(p) Model from Incomplete Data

Parameter-free Small Variance Asymptotics for Dictionary Learning

Partially Adversarial Learning and Adaptation

Patch-Based Colour Transfer with Optimal Transport

Path Loss at 5 GHz and 31 GHz for Two Distinct Indoor Airport Settings

Path-connectedness of Tensor Ranks

Perception of Non-Native Phoneme Contrasts in 8-13 Months Infants: Tensor-Based Analysis of EEG Signals

Performance Analysis of Diffusion Filtered-X Algorithms in Multitask ANC Systems

Perfusion-based Brain Connectivity: PASL Vs pCASL

Permutation Alignment Based on MUSIC Spectrum Discrepancy for Blind Source Separation

Potential UAV Landing Sites Detection Through Digital Elevation Models Analysis

Power Distribution Insulators Classification Using Image Hybrid Deep Learning

Power-Efficient Secure Beamforming in Cognitive Satellite-Terrestrial Networks

Precise Response Control of Transmit-receive Two-dimensional Beampattern in FDA-MIMO Radar

Predicting the Success of Blastocyst Implantation from Morphokinetic Parameters Estimated Through CNNs and Sum of Absolute Differences

Prediction of FDG Uptake in Lung Tumors from CT Images Using Generative Adversarial Networks

Prediction Residue Analysis in MPEG-2 Double Compressed Video Sequences

Privacy-Preserving Distributed Average Consensus Based on Additive Secret Sharing

Probabilistic Tensor Train Decomposition

Providing Spatial Control in Personal Sound Zones Using Graph Signal Processing

Qtop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Quantifying Uncertainty in High Dimensional Inverse Problems by Convex Optimisation

Rtop 2 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Radio Positioning and Tracking of High-Speed Devices in 5G NR Networks: System Concept and Performance

Random Forest on an Embedded Device for Real-time Machine State Classification

Random Gabor Multipliers for Compressive Sensing: A Simulation Study

Random Matrix-Improved Estimation of the Wasserstein Distance Between Two Centered Gaussian Distributions

Random Matrix-Improved Estimation of the Wasserstein Distance Between Two Centered Gaussian Distributions

Rank Estimation and Tensor Decomposition Using Physics-Driven Constraints for Brain Source Localization

Rank-one Tensor Approximation with Beta-divergence Cost Functions

Rate Balancing for Multiuser Multicell Downlink MIMO Systems

Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Model Using Deep Learning Techniques and EMG Signals

Real-Time Prototyping of Matlab-Java Code Integration for Water Sensor Networks Applications

Realtime 2-D DOA Estimation Using Phase-Difference Projection (PDP)

Recursive LCMVEs with Non-Stationary Constraints and Partially Coherent Signal Sources

Reduced Complexity Maximum Likelihood Detector for DFT-s-SEFDM Systems

Reduced-complexity Downlink Cell-Free mmWave Massive MIMO Systems with Fronthaul Constraints

Reducing the Bias in DRSS-Based Localization: An Instrumental Variable Approach

Referenceless Performance Evaluation of Audio Source Separation Using Deep Neural Networks

Refined WaveNet Vocoder for Variational Autoencoder Based Voice Conversion

Region-based Relaxations to Accelerate Greedy Approaches

Regression to a Linear Lower Bound with Outliers: An Exponentially Modified Gaussian Noise Model

Reliable Demosaicing Detection for Image Forensics

Reparameterization Gradient Message Passing

Replay Attack Detection Using Generalized Cross-Correlation of Stereo Signal

Reproducibility of Deep CNN for Biomedical Image Processing Across Frameworks and Architectures

Resource Optimization for Cognitive Satellite Systems with Incumbent Terrestrial Receivers

Rethinking Sampling in Parallel MRI: A Data-Driven Approach

Reversible Privacy Preservation Using Multi-level Encryption and Compressive Sensing

Reversible Privacy Preservation Using Multi-level Encryption and Compressive Sensing

Robust and Responsive Acoustic Pairing of Devices Using Decorrelating Time-Frequency Modelling

Robust Compressive Spectral Image Recovery Algorithm Using Dictionary Learning and Transform Tensor SVD

Robust Self-Localization of Microphone Arrays Using a Minimum Number of Acoustic Sources

Robust Subspace Tracking with Missing Data and Outliers via ADMM

Robust ToA-Based Localization in a Mixed LOS/NLOS Environment Using Hybrid Mapping Technique

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Sampling Rate and Bits per Sample Tradeoff for Cloud MIMO Radar Target Detection

Satellite Links Integrated in 5G SDN-enabled Backhaul Networks: An Iterative Joint Power and Flow Assignment

Scale-discretised Ridgelet Transform on the Sphere

Scheduling Data Embedding in Dual Function Radar Networks

Scheduling Moldable Parallel Streaming Tasks on Heterogeneous Platforms with Frequency Scaling

Second-Order Time-Reassigned Synchrosqueezing Transform: Application to Draupner Wave Analysis

Secure Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation

Segmentation of Head and Neck Tumours Using Modified U-net

Segmentation of Piecewise ARX Processes by Exploiting Sparsity in Tight-Dimensional Spaces

Segmentation of Surface Cracks Based on a Fully Convolutional Neural Network and Gated Scale Pooling

Self-Localization of Distributed Microphone Arrays Using Directional Statistics with DoA Estimation Reliability

Self-supervised Attention Model for Weakly Labeled Audio Event Classification

Semantic Prior Based Generative Adversarial Network for Video Super-Resolution

Semi-Supervised Adaptive Learning for Decoding Movement Intent from Electromyograms

Semidefinite Programming for MIMO Radar Target Localization Using Bistatic Range Measurements

Semiparametric Stochastic CRB for DOA Estimation in Elliptical Data Model

Sensor Fusion for Learning-based Tracking of Controller Movement in Virtual Reality

Sensor Selection and Rate Distribution Based Beamforming in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks

Separation of Independent / Dependent Sources Using Copulas

Sequential Peak Detection for Flow Cytometry

Ship Classification from Multi-Spectral Satellite Imaging by Convolutional Neural Networks

Shuffled Bits in the Low-Detectability Regime

Shuffling for Understanding Multifractality, Application to Asset Price Time Series

Signal Recovery from Phaseless Measurements of Spherical Harmonics Expansion

Signal Subspace Change Detection in Structured Covariance Matrices

Single Image Ear Recognition Using Wavelet-Based Multi-Band PCA

Single Image Haze Removal Using Conditional Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks

SOS Boosting for Image Deblurring Algorithms

Sound-based Distance Estimation for Indoor Navigation in the Presence of Ego Noise

Sounding Industry: Challenges and Datasets for Industrial Sound Analysis

Source Enumeration in Non-White Noise and Small Sample Size via Subspace Averaging

Sparse Bayesian Learning for a Bilinear Calibration Model and Mismatched CRB

Spatial and Hierarchical Riemannian Dimensionality Reduction and Dictionary Learning for Segmenting Multichannel Images

Spatial Inference in Sensor Networks Using Multiple Hypothesis Testing and Bayesian Clustering

Spatio-Temporal Waveform Design in Active Sensing Systems with Multilayer Targets

Spectral Coexistence of 5G Networks and Satellite Communication Systems Enabled by Coordinated Caching and QoS-Aware Resource Allocation

Spectral Complexity Reduction of Music Signals for Cochlear Implant Users Based on Subspace Tracking

Spectral Visibility Graphs: Application to Similarity of Harmonic Signals

Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using CNNs and Approximate Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression

Spectrogram Feature Losses for Music Source Separation

Spectrum Insensitive Sparse Recovery with Iterative Affine Projections

Spectrum Sensing by Higher-Order SVM-based Detection

Speech-Based Stress Classification Based on Modulation Spectral Features and Convolutional Neural Networks

State Space Models with Dynamical and Sparse Variances, and Inference by EM Message Passing

Statistical Modeling of the Patches DC Component for Low-Frequency Noise Reduction

Stress Detection Through Electrodermal Activity (EDA) and Electrocardiogram (ECG) Analysis in Car Drivers

Structure Learning via Hadamard Product of Correlation and Partial Correlation Matrices

Subjective Evaluation of Light Field Image Compression Methods Based on View Synthesis

Subsampling of Multivariate Time-Vertex Graph Signals

Subspace-Based Method for Direction Estimation of Coherent Signals with Arbitrary Linear Array

Super-Resolution on Degraded Low-Resolution Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Surface Type Classification for Autonomous Robot Indoor Navigation

Surrogate Rehabilitative Time Series Data for Image-based Deep Learning

Switch-Based Hybrid Precoding in mmWave Massive MIMO Systems

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Target Identification from Coded Diffraction Patterns via Template Matching

Temporal Convolutional Networks for Musical Audio Beat Tracking

TensMIL2: Improved Multiple Instance Classification Through Tensor Decomposition and Instance Selection

Tensor Factorisation and Transfer Learning for Sleep Pose Detection

Tensor Network Kalman Filter for LTI Systems

Tensor-Train Modeling for MIMO-OFDM Tensor Coding-And-Forwarding Relay Systems

Texture Superpixel Clustering from Patch-based Nearest Neighbor Matching

The Art of Teaching Computers: The SIMSSA Optical Music Recognition Workflow System

The Receptive Field as a Regularizer in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Acoustic Scene Classification

Time Modulated Array - a Database Approach

Tone Mapped HDR Images Contrast Enhancement Using Piecewise Linear Perceptual Transformation

Topology Inference and Signal Representation Using Dictionary Learning

Towards Automatic Glaucoma Assessment: An Encoder-decoder CNN for Retinal Layer Segmentation in Rodent OCT Images

Tracking Recurring Patterns in Time Series Using Dynamic Time Warping

Tracking Theory of Adaptive Filters with Input-Output Sampling Rate Offset

Training Generative Adversarial Networks with Weights

Training Variational Autoencoders with Discrete Latent Variables Using Importance Sampling

Transient Analysis of Partitioned-Block Frequency-Domain Adaptive Filters

TV-CAR Speech Analysis Based on Regularized LP

Two-Band Signal Reconstruction from Periodic Nonuniform Samples

Two-Channel Passive Detection Exploiting Cyclostationarity

Two-Way MIMO Decode-and-Forward Relaying Systems with Tensor Space-Time Coding

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Understanding Support Vector Machines with Polynomial Kernels

Underwater Acoustic Channel Estimation and Equalization via Adaptive Filtering and Sparse Approximation

Unsupervised Medical Image Translation Using Cycle-MedGAN

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Validation Framework for Building a Spectrum Sharing Testbed for Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Systems

Validation of Baseline Wander Removal and Isoelectric Correction in Electrocardiograms Using Clustering

Variational Bayes Color Deconvolution with a Total Variation Prior

Variational Bayesian GAN

Variational Inference for DOA Estimation in Reverberant Conditions

Vehicle Path Optimization for Angle-Of-Arrival Localization

Virtual Adversarial Training for Semi-supervised Verification Tasks

Visual Quality Analysis of Judder Effect on Head Mounted Displays

Volumetric Surface-guided Graph-based Segmentation of Cardiac Adipose Tissues on Fat-Water MR Images

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Waveform Optimization for FDA Radar

Waveform Optimization for FDA Radar

Wavelength Proportional Arrangement of Virtual Microphones Based on Interpolation/Extrapolation for Underdetermined Speech Enhancement

Weighted Subset Selection for Fast SVM Training

Weighted Sum Rate Maximization for Hybrid Beamforming Design in Multi-Cell Massive MIMO OFDM Systems

WGANSing: A Multi-Voice Singing Voice Synthesizer Based on the Wasserstein-GAN

Wireless Multi-group Multicast Precoding with Selective RF Energy Harvesting